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    ISO 9001 Quality Certification System Certification

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    Zibo Boshan Kehai Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Boshan, Shandong Province, Qilu Pump Capital. It is a pump enterprise integrating design, development and experimental production. It is one of the main manufacturers of gas pump valves, leak-free pump valves, acid-resistant pumps and chemical pumps. The market is all over the country and has established perfect sales service. Network.

    The company has introduced advanced production and testing equipment, and has strong technical force. It has passed the quality certification system of ISO9001, introduced advanced technology, developed self-priming liquefied gas pump, anhydrous ammonia pump, turbine pump and fluorine alloy pump, and shielded pump. In the process of further production test, the performance of the product has been continuously improved and exhausted. It may satisfy the requirements of the conveying medium under various working conditions. Products are widely used in gas, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, metallurgy and other industries.

    The company adheres to the business philosophy of "developing enterprises by science and technology, putting people first and taking honesty as the basis", and is willing to cooperate with all new and old customers wholeheartedly, mutually beneficial and common development.

    Kehai Pump Industry, your eternal friend!

    Technical support: Zibo Ou Kai information Lu ICP 13026066-2
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