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    How to flush liquid ammonia pump correctly

    Release time:2012-04-26 12:21:00    click:

    The mechanical seal of liquid ammonia pump mainly reflects its advantages. In order to prolong its service life, here are some knowledge about the flushing method of the equipment. I hope you will read it carefully.

    1. Internal flushing:

    (1) When the transport medium of liquid ammonia pump is clean medium, this method is used for washing.

    (2) A pipeline is drawn from the flange of the pump outlet, which makes the flushing fluid flow to the sliding bearings, lubricates the sliding bearings, takes away the heat generated by the friction pairs, and plays a cooling role.

    2. External flushing:

    (1) When the transport medium of liquid ammonia pump is a medium containing smaller particles, this method is used for flushing.

    (2) Connect a pipeline from outside, introduce clean flushing fluid, flush each sliding bearing, play the role of lubrication and cooling, while avoiding solid particles into the bearing.

    After reading the above knowledge introduction, we should have a further understanding. At the same time, the liquid ammonia pump will make you an ideal choice. If you need to contact us soon, we will provide you with excellent products and look forward to your visit.

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