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    How to winding the LPG pump correctly?

    Release time:2012-04-26 12:25:00    click:

    The sealing of liquefied gas pump adopts mechanical seal, which has no leakage, long service life, safety and reliability. This also depends on the winding mode of the equipment. Its specific knowledge is as follows:

    1. Forming winding. The forming winding of liquefied gas pump is usually winded by flat wires. The cross-sectional area of a flat wire is much larger than that of a 1.5 1.6 circular wire of a scattered winding, so the number of parallel windings of conductors is much less, and the insulated area of the four rounds of the flat wires is less; the cross-sectional area of a flat wire is much larger than that of a 1.6 circular wire of a scattered winding;1.5 1.6 circular wire. It has much less space and higher effective filling coefficient than that around the four corners of multiple circular lines.

    2. Disperse round copper wire winding. Because of its simple structure and radical evolution of downwinding technology, short end of winding, less copper, less resistance and leakage reactance, and relatively small half-open slot matching with downwinding, it is beneficial to reduce harmonic amplitude of teeth, balance air gap magnetic field, improve performance of LPG pump, reduce temperature rise and increase output. Semi-formed windings are matched with half-open grooves or small half-open grooves.

    Different winding modes of liquefied gas pumps play a similar role. We can adopt different methods according to different conditions, so that the equipment has greater benefits.

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