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Hello there, again

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Picked up a camera some 10 years ago and never looked back since. It's possibly one of the few things that I took up before adulting and stuck through it. Mum would be proud, only if I was referring to academics. No, it's photography.

Hi, my name is Roy. Back in 2015, I've decided to focus in an area of photography that I thought I stand the best chance of success. Pre-wedding, portraitures, events, etc. the list goes on... Since dogs have been my passion point, an idea struck me and Furtographysg it was! Being passionate about dogs, I believe it doesn't come as a surprise that becoming a dog trainer was one in the list, fortunately or not, I got hold of a camera strap first and not a leash, which probably explains why it's Furtographysg and not Fur-whisperer (pun intended). I guess the part of being a dog trainer still resonates within, which is why one of the satisfactions I get in this line is when I successfully take pictures of dogs whose owners think it's impossible to even get them to sit still. Of course credit goes to the treat but an even bigger one goes to the training tips I received from friends and trainers.

Dale's owner is a really good dog trainer!
“There are 3 types of dogs - small, medium & love. They all teach us the same thing - love.”

It's pretty obvious that my style of photographing dogs is to make them appear like they're posing for photographs (actually they just have eyes on that treat/toy). Followed by some action pictures and then getting the owners involved. Easier said than do, because every owner is different and therefore in turn, the dogs behave differently. Nevertheless nothing daunts me. I've had my fair share of wet noses, overly affectionate lickers and even the shy ones that required some songs and danced to attract their attention.

Another reason that keeps me going is the friendships forged with owners who have engaged me to take photographs of their dogs. I've concluded that humans are less scary as long as they possess the "dog owner" tag.

Just to make things a little more public. When I'm not photographing pets, I enjoy traveling to get to know myself a little more (because you get to know even more about the person or people you are traveling with instead) or else I will (try to) keep myself active by participating in runs, triathlons, whatever my schedule allows me to. Occasionally, under the persuasion of my partner, will I go into the blue and that's strangely one of the most peaceful moments I get in this life.

Finally, the reason you are reading this is probably because you are on the look out for a pet photographer. Hopefully there is something you have seen and like in my works and I look forward to meeting new owners and making new friends. Here's to those that have supported me over the years, thank you!

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