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Pet Photography 101

A simply article written for Sony Digital Workshop, to share some tips on how to photograph one's pet (dog). Yes, you know how to operate a camera and have a good understanding on how lighting works. However, photographing a dog requires more than just the technical aspect of a camera. In this post, I have shared 3 tips about how to nail that photo of your dog.

Things can go awry when working with dogs, especially those that you are not familiar with (i.e. meeting clients for the first time). Nevertheless it's all about fulfilling the job. Understanding dog behaviour goes a long way, which is why there are courses and certifications to be a "dog whisperer". I've had my fair share if dog saliva, pee, poop and bites but knowing how to react and still being able to take good pictures are what make the job so satisfying. Even when a session goes slightly off-road, it's always up to the photographer to get it back on track and look back on these experiences with humour. After all, every incident makes a story to share with fellow professionals.

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